Monday, June 14, 2010

New Items

New items have been added to the site...

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Market Totes.... my favorite!

I absolutely LOVE these market totes. They are so fantastic! I use them for everything. I have one that I keep all my embroidery stuff in. I have one that I use for when we go to a vineyard and put the food in. I have one to use to put toys in if we go out for the day and need some extra items for the kids to play with.

These make great gifts to use as a "bag" to display your gift in. They are adorable monogrammed or with a name or image. They really are the greatest items.

Right now, I have the cute totes that are solid with a zipped cover on sale for $24. There are multiple colors to choose from.

CLICK HERE for options.

Here are some pics of ones that I've done.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sales Reps

If you are interested in being a sales rep for OTS, please let me know. Sales reps would need to hold their own parties. Reps will be paid a 20% commission of total party sales and there is no start up cost to be a rep. You will receive a sales "kit" to bring to parties with you full of all the information and product you will need.

Parties are based on your availability. You will need to schedule the parties based on your calendar. Ideas for parties are corporate; bridal; bachelorette; graduation; tween; tea's; brunches; sports teams, etc..

If you are interested, please leave a comment with your email address or email me at


What do you like?

What types of things do you like to see monogrammed? Are there certain colors you like? Are there certain materials/fabrics you want? Let me know what you think...

Graduation Gifts

Graduations are coming up and that means graduates love presents! OTS has lots of stuff to use as college goodies. From bags to blankets and things in between, you can get some great gear for that graduate to use. For ideas, please click here.

Many of our bags come in many different college colors. Our collegiate colors are (if you don't know a college's colors, you can click here to find it):
  • Black and Gold
    * Alabama State U
    * Bowie State U
    * U. Central Florida
    * U. of Iowa (use with white lettering)
    * U. of Maryland (use with red lettering)
    * Purdue U (use with white lettering)
    * Randolph-Macon Woman's College (use with white lettering)
    * Vanderbilt U (use with white lettering)
    * Virginia Commonwealth U.
    * Wake Forest U. (use with white lettering)
  • Burgundy and Yellow/Gold
    * Florida State U (Use with white lettering)
  • Green and White
    * Baylor U (use with gold lettering)
    * George Mason U. (use with gold lettering)
    * Hollins U (use with gold lettering)
    * Loyola College (Use with gray or white lettering)
    * Michigan State U
    * U. of Orego (use with yellow lettering)
    * Wagner College
    * William and Mary (use with gold/yellow lettering)
    * York College of Pennsylvania
  • Maroon and White
    * Arizona State U
    * Boston College (use with gold lettering)
    * Central Michigan (use with gold lettering)
    * College of Charleston (use with gold lettering)
    * U. of Chicago
    * Colgate U (use with gray lettering)
    * Elon U (use with gold lettering)
    * Fordham U.
    * Harvard U (use with black lettering)
    * Lafayette College (use with black lettering)
    * U. of Massachusetts Amherst
    * Ohio State U (use with gray lettering)
    * U. of Pennsylvania (use with blue lettering)
    * U. of Richmond (use with blue lettering)
    * Roanoke College (use with gray lettering)
    * U. of South Carolina (use black lettering)
    * Stanford U.
    * Swarthmore College (use with gray lettering)
    * Vassar College (use with gray lettering)
    * Virginia Tech (use with orange lettering)
  • Maroon and Black
    * Lafayette College (Use with White lettering)
    * Washington College, MD (use with white lettering)
  • Navy and White
    * Boise State U (use with Light blue lettering)
    * Bringham Young U
    * U. Of Conneticut
    * Georgetown U. (Use with Gray lettering)
    * Mary Washington College (use with gray lettering)
    * U. of NOtre Dame (Use with gold lettering)
    * Old Dominion U (use with silver lettering)
    * Quinnipiac U (use with gold lettering)
    * U. of Richmond (use with red lettering)
  • Orange and White
    * Auburn U (use with navy lettering)
    * Clemson U (use with purple lettering)
    * Oregon State U (Use with black lettering)
    * Princeton U (use with black lettering)
    * U. of Virginia (use with blue lettering)
  • Purple and Gold
    * East Carolina U
    * James Madison U (use with white lettering)
    * Louisiana State U. (use with white lettering)
  • Red and Black
    * Catholic U of America (DC) (Use with white lettering)
    * Davidson College
    * Fairfield U (use with white lettering)
    * U. of Georgia (Use with white lettering)
    * U. of Maryland (use with gold or black lettering)
    * Northeastern U (use with white lettering)
  • Red and White
    * Boston U
    * U. of Arkansas
    * American U (use with Blue lettering)
    * Catholic U of America (Use with black lettering)
    * Cornell U
    * Denison U
    * North Carolina State
    * Radford U.
    * Rutgers of New Jersey (use black lettering)
  • Royal Blue and Orange
    * U. of Florida
    * Syracuse U.
    * U. of Virginia (use with white lettering)
  • Royal Blue and White
    * Barnard College
    * Bucknell U
    * Butler U
    * Christopher Newport U. (Use with Silver lettering)
    * Columbia U
    * U. of Delaware (use with gold lettering)
    * Duke U.
    * Ithaca College (use with gold lettering)
    * Johns Hopkins U (use with gray lettering)
    * U. of Kansas (use with red lettering)
    * U. of Kentucky
    * Marymount U in VA (use with green lettering)
    * U. of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    * Penn State U.
    * Washington and Lee U. (use with gray lettering)
    * West Virginia University (use with gold lettering)
    * Xavier U. (use with gray lettering)
    * Yale U.
  • Tile Blue and Navy/White
    * Citadel
    * U. of Maine
  • Black and White
    * Mary Baldwin College (use with yellow lettering)

Teacher's Gifts

Only a few weeks left of school and that means only a few weeks left to get those teacher's gifts. Instead of getting the typical gift from the grocery store, why not buy them something they will use and love! Get them something personalized. What better way than to really thank that teacher who has spent most of every day with your child! For ideas, please click here.

Use code "teach2010" in the checkout to redeem 15% off coupon.

Thank you to all those teachers out there!

Welcome to Olive to Sew!

Olive to Sew is now in the blogging world. Thank you for visiting and please check back often for updates on current sales and pictures of completed projects. Olive to Sew is here for all your monogramming needs!