Wednesday, August 11, 2010

$1 aisle of Target!

My daughter's birthday on the 4th of July is always a fun one. But this year I wanted to throw some creativity into it with my new embroidery machine. I decided to make the "favors" for the kids who came and to make her cake. I got the idea of the aprons when I was in Target in the dollar aisle (which you can NEVER spend JUST a dollar!!!) and they had the purple/pink ones for girls and the blue/red ones for boys. I picked up a handful thinking I could sell them on the site or just make them as gifts for one of the tons of birthday parties we are invited to. When I thought about what I was going to do as a favor, I figured I could either spend $1 on the apron and some time to make the design, or spend $4 on crap that would get thrown into a trunk. So.... I drove to about 4 different Targets buying out their supply of these aprons. I had JUST enough to do it. For the Fourth of July theme, I thought a baseball would be cute for the boys and a princess theme for the girls. (Couldn't really incorporate a blue/red/white theme on a purple/pink apron). Anywho... they turned out cute and they seemed to like them.
The cake on the other hand.... since this was really one of the first real ones I have made, it took quite some time. I cut out all the stars and lettering from fondant and attached/let them dry to the sticks/top layer of the cake. I cut out the hearts from fondant and piped out the flag for each cupcake. The frosting I had an issue with trying to figure out how to make the buttercream frosting. I realized I didn't have the right "coupler" for the bag, so I had to just knife it on to each one.

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  1. i cannot believe you made that cake! that's amazing!!!!